Sponsored Skydive

A massive thank you to all who sponsored the Skydive by some daring Khalsa Sanctuary volunteers in November 2018. Funds donated for this event were gathered through a crowdfunding page, with a target of raising £5k. We managed to pull together 70% of this through the JustGiving.com link , with 91 supporters donating a total of £3,544! Sikh Society members at Aston University (Birmingham) have also supported this cause, and with a few more supporters, the funds raised currently sum up as £4648.57. The seva raised has already given Khalsa Sanctuary a much needed boost, and has helped with essentials for the children; food, clothing (specifically trainers and coats for each child in preparation for the cold seasons), some of the school fees, etc, and also will also support upcoming projects at Kotduna for them. Thank you to all the kind supporters and to the volunteers who stepped up to the challenge (and made the jump!)

Giving back to the Community

Baba Surinder Singh Ji and the Children of Khalsa Sanctuary, celebrated Bandi Chor Divas this year (2018) with a langar seva for the neighbouring villages. This involved going to each house and distributing food for the less fortunate. The students at Khalsa Sanctuary were in this position once, and this time they were helping Babaji with the seva. Thank you to all Sangat for the kind donations received.

Sense of Belonging

The children continue to benefit from donated clothes, which are put to good use at the sanctuary. Each child has now also got a traditional outfit in the Khalsa colours of Blue and Saffron. This has helped create a deepened sense of belonging and unity in the sanctuary, and the children often prefer to wear these on special group occasions.

Skills for Life

The construction of a swimming pool that caters for all age groups with the intuitive use of multiple layers and steps, will allow children of all ages to learn how to swim. This is considered an essential life skill, especially if faced with extremes of weather (i.e. flooding) and will also serve to enhance fitness, whilst giving he children another resource to utilise as part of the activities provided at the sanctuary. The picture below shows how this ties in with the other building work, and the excited children after a site visit. Kind donations from Sangat near and far are really allowing the sanctuary to give the children a well rounded upbringing.

Further building works

Building works to develop the sanctuary premises are continuing under the watchful eye of Baba Surinder Singh Ji. As seen in the picture, there is still much work to be done. Ensuring the premises is utilised effectively will enable the sanctuary to help more children and their families, but to do so, the remaining building structure needs to be stable and secure. The picture below  shows some of the children who have joined Baba Surinder Singh Ji during one of his inspections of the building work so far.

Birmingham Fundraiser

A weekend fundraising event in August 2018, was held in Birmingham for Khalsa Sanctuary. The efforts of organisers and volunteers paid off, as the event was hugely successful in raising funds for the sanctuary children’s school fees and also improving Khalsa Sanctuary premises. The stalls featured all the good stuff (slushies, sweets, balloons, cake and even chips), and very enthusiastic volunteers to draw the crowds attention.

Transport problem solved!

With the donations received by the Sangat we have been able to purchase a battery operated scooter. This scooter will be used by Sevadaars to take the children at Khalsa Sanctuary to school, or to attend appointments with the doctors, as well as pick up donations and groceries for langar from surrounding villages.

We at Khalsa Sanctuary would like to thank the Sangat for their contributions and efforts given towards Khalsa Sanctuary. Without the support of the Sangat we would not be able to provide these children with the basic amenities which we benefit from.

As the premises at Subhana, Jalandhar became too small to cater for the growing number of children seeking the support of Khalsa Sanctuary, the decision was made to develop land in Kotduna, approx 3 hours away. The re-location of Kotduna meant that the costs of building and maintenance could be kept lower (compared to extending the premises at Subhana). The work was commenced under the watchful eye of Baba Surinder Singh Ji. The children who were residing at Khalsa Sanctuary, Subhana remained there until their studies were completed and continue to have support of Gurudwara Akal Bunga Sahib, Subhana.

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