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Do you know a way of getting people together to support this cause? How about hosting a ‘coffee (or even an Indian tea) and cake’ morning, a fair, sponsored car wash, gardening initiative in your neighbourhood, etc. Not up for leading an event, but happy to volunteer at events planned over the year? Please contact us in any case, we’d really appreciate your help! We currently have some volunteers who are always happy to get involved, but any extra support is always warmly welcomed. Thank you!

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Khalsa Sanctuary provides essentials including food, shelter, clothing, education and health care to orphans and homeless children. But we do not stop there… as we know, for a child to fully develop, they also require emotional, social, directional and spiritual support. At the Sanctuary this is built into the child’s daily schedule.

“Through our work, we aim to invest in the future of the next generation and beyond, regardless of race, religion, caste or creed. Our mission is to provide a solid future for those less fortunate than ourselves.”

How can you support Khalsa Sanctuary?

  • Come visit us! Your time and effort spent with the children is invaluable.
  • Monetary donations. Whether one off or regular contributions, are greatly valued and every little helps.
  • Donate clothing, paired shoes, etc. These are gratefully received by the children and their families. Please ensure donated items are clean and fit for use.
  • Spread the word! Increase awareness and support, get your friends and family on board.

“What we take for granted daily is another’s dream. You could contribute in making their dreams a reality, a small donation can go a long way.”

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