We aim to develop the whole child, so we think it is important to give them experiences outside the sanctuary too.

“One kind donor donated cinema tickets for all the children at the sanctuary. This was their first experience of cinema.”

Quote from a child as he recalled his experience of going to the cinema for the first time to his mother – “We went on the moving stairs (escalators), I was scared at first but I really enjoyed myself”

“A visitor from the UK made arrangements for the children at the sanctuary to enjoy samosas and pinnia as a special treat. They really enjoyed the food.”

“It was such an amazing experience visiting Khalsa Sanctuary in Kotduna. The amount of love we received from the children was so nice” – J Kaur

“Having visited the Sanctuary several times now, I feel these children are like our own kids, brothers, and sisters. They give so much love” – A Singh

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